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Digital Mastery

Improve your digital communication skills

The Digital Mastery webinar is the perfect kick-off for everyone who wants to communicate less, smarter and better.

In just 30 minutes you will learn how to get a grip on the tsunami of incoming digital messages, making more time available for others tasks.​

Digital Mastery’s two crucial topics
  1. ​Inbox management – You will handle emails and other digital messages more efficiently, making more time available for others tasks.​
  2. Communication culture – You will learn the do’s and don’ts for a more effective communication culture in your organisation.

 Digital Mastery is based on the Master Your Email & Smartphone seminar

Three ways to boost your digital skills substantially


100% FREE


30 minutes
max. 5 per organisation

Seize this opportunity and register above for the free introductory webinar.

Are you convinced? Contact us for an in-company webinar or live training session.




60 minutes
up to 500 participants

Request a quote for an interactive in-company webinar for your entire organisation. That way, everyone will be on the same wavelength.

Everyone follows the webinar from their preferred location: at home or work. Webinars are available from €4 per person and can be purchased for 500 people at a time.




90 minutes to 3 hours
from 25 to 300 participants

Book Gunnar for a live keynote or in-company training session.

A mass training session is the best way to prepare your company for the new way of working all at once.

If you are looking for a speaker for a company day or an organisation-wide training session for large groups (minimum 25 participants), please request a quote here.

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