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How to really use Microsoft Teams?

Monday 27 February 2023
Dutch session
3 hour webinar
€ 195 tva excluded
 5 or more participants: € 125 tva excl

How to really use Microsoft Teams? aims to give your organization extra leverage, thanks to Ms Teams.

When you use Ms Teams wisely, this leads to smoother collaboration between colleagues, less unnecessary communication (in chat, Teams channels, and meetings = the #1 Ms Teams communication problem!) and better structured information. During this seminar, you will also learn to keep an overview of your work and to organize your workday more easily.

The seminar is a unique mix of an interactive workshop and an inspiring and effective training. Gunnar Michielssen tells his story based on relatable examples, funny anecdotes, and concrete work situations. Interacting with the public – also in webinars – is always central.

How to really use Microsoft Teams? will teach participants how to make the most of Teams and how to avoid the classic Outlook problems (overcrowded inboxes, infobesity, poor archiving…) by moving to Teams. Using relatable examples and concrete cases, Gunnar Michielssen explains:

  • when you can use the different tools (chat, posts in channels, video conferencing) with the communication matrix(©);
  • how the Bottom-up Principle helps you avoid uncontrollable growth in the number of teams and channels;
  • which agreements are best made to optimize the structure of different Teams and Channels (who can do what…?);
  • how to control the number of Teams meetings and make them more efficient;
  • which apps and tabs within the channels are necessary to make Teams a real success.

How to really use Microsoft Teams? is not designed as a technical training. Nevertheless, in line with the advice, the participants will receive a lot of practical and technical tips, which usually make extensive technical follow-up training unnecessary.

Part I – Rules for your team: together towards a new communication culture
1. The communication matrix: which Teams tool for which type of communication?
  • Synchronous vs. asynchronous
  • Simple vs. complex messages
  • The future of email in the Teams era
  • Keep Teams Meetings Under Control
2. Optimize Teams Structure
    • Basic rules for Teams, channels, and tabs
    • Avoiding Teams inflation: Bottom-Up Principle
    • Group assignment: Team overview in Excel
3. Three must-have apps in Teams
    • Planner: smarter organization of projects
    • OneNote in Teams: from reports to briefings
    • Channel calendar: look at your team
Part II – Rules for yourself: more control over your workday
1. Work undisturbed: notifications and status
  • Types of notifications in Teams
  • How do you use your Activity feed?
  • Availability status and out of office assistant
2. To-do list under control: this is how you survive Teams
  • Work from your Activity feed, not from the channels!
  • The rule of the 4Ds in Teams
  • The link between Teams and Outlook
3. Increase the impact of your Teams posts
  • Crucial in times of Teams chaos: the clear subject line
  • Smart structuring of your message for more effect
  • The writer lives on…

Please bring your laptop along.

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