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How to survive working from home

Remote working: plan your day

Whether you are working from home fulltime or parttime, wether you are juggling having family members at home, working from your home office can be stressful.

I honestly believe that working from home can be more effective and less stressful at the same time. But only if you respect the basic rules every home worker should take into account….

25 years of experience in 90 minutes

Based on 25 years of my own experience, during this webinar I’ll give you helpful tips on how to survive, actually thrive, working from home!

Part I – Rules for your team: together towards a new communication culture

  1. Synchronous vs. asynchronous
  2. Simple vs. complex messages
  3. The future of email in the Teams era
  4. Keep Teams Meetings Under Control
  1. Basic rules for Teams, channels, and tabs
  2. Avoiding Teams inflation: Bottom-Up Principle
  3. Group assignment: Team overview in Excel
  1. Planner: smarter organization of projects
  2. OneNote in Teams: from reports to briefings
  3. Channel calendar: look at your team

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